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xPON has a higher bandwidth than GPON

  The uplink and downlink rates of xPON are both higher than those of GPON. As is known to all, each PON port can connect up to 128 ONT. xPON supports data rates up to 10 Gbps per PON port, while GPON supports 2.4 Gbps, so xPON has higher bandwidth per ONT than GPON.  

xPON can support the standard of both EPON and GPON

  EPON and GPON have the same network topology methods and similar network management, both of which can be applied in the same FTTX scenarios. xPON is the combination of EPON and GPON that can support both standards. xPON device can meet users’ different needs as it is compatible with both EPON mode and GPON mode.   At the same time, xPON provides a unified network management platform that can deal with different business requirements and support a wide range of services with strict QoS guarantees such as ATM, Ethernet, and TDM. It can transmit downlink cable TV through WDM. What’s more, xPON can automatically identify the access of EPON and GPON.  

Unified network management of two different PON technology

  xPON can identify whether the access is EPON or GPON. For network managers, xPON provides upper-layer unified access and a unified network management platform.  

xPON is more cost-effective

  xPON is compatible, which also means that it has a more advanced technique. It needs a high-performance fiber optic transceiver and it costs more. But xPON has a higher QoS that is easy to manage. If you want to change your GPON to EPON, xPON may be a better and more cost-effective choice.  

xPON has a higher QoS

  xPON has a higher QoS. xPON software has the mode of automatic detection and switch. Packet loss will occur when a packet cannot reach the destination. These packets are dropped or lost in the transmission, which can affect users’ quality of experience (QoE). If xPON ONU cannot support OLT mode and analyze the packet, it will automatically restart after a few seconds and switch to another mode to complete the registration.
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James Hsu

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