What is ONU?

ONU (Optical Network Unit) optical network unit, generally called the optical node equipped with optical receiver, upstream optical transmitter, multiple bridge amplifier network monitoring equipment.

The general interfaces of ONU are:

  1. The PON optical port is mainly connected to the OLT’s PON port (via optical fiber), and is responsible for receiving the data sent by the OLT (receiving 1490nm optical signals), and sending the data from the ONU end to the OLT (sending 1310nm optical signals)
  2. The network port is connected to terminal equipment with network ports (such as PCs, routers, switches, IPTV set-top boxes, etc.), and the services carried are generally: Internet services, IPTV services
  3. The voice interface is connected to the fixed-line telephone, and the main bearer service: voice service
  4. The CATV interface is connected to a set-top box using a coaxial interface, and the main bearer service: CATV video
  5. The wifi interface is to connect to terminal devices with wifi modules (such as laptops, mobile phones, set-top boxes, etc.)

Main bearer services: Internet services, IPTV services

Main bearer services Internet services, IPTV services





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