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What Are Simplex Fiber Connectors And Duplex Connectors

What is a simplex fiber connector?

Fiber optic connectors have options for simplex and duplex.

Simplex fiber connector

Simplex: Simplex data transmission only supports data transmission in one direction, for example: A can only send signals, B can only receive signals, and the communication is one-way.

Simplex fiber optic connector: Only one bundle of glass fiber or plastic fiber, can only transmit data in one direction. It is suitable for the application of one-way functions such as sensor data transmission in the Internet of Things (IoT) system. Such as the transmission of data from sensors in an Internet of Things (IoT) system.

Simplex fiber connector

Common types of simplex fiber connectors

sc simplex connector

SC simplex connectors include single-mode, multi-mode, and APC types for 0.9mm, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm boot connectors. The SC simplex connector features a push-pull design for push in and pull out, using ceramic ferrules to provide high precision alignment in fiber optic links. Durable and simple to install, suitable for point-to-point and passive optical networks.

lc simplex connector

The LC simplex connector is also a latching connector, unlike the SC, with a compact ferrule and connector housing, which makes the LC simplex connector an ideal solution for dense deployments. LC simplex connectors are widely used in fiber termination, single-mode patch cords, local area networks, FTTx and other applications.

The lc simplex connectors produced by hello-signal do not require end face polishing and adhesives to provide easier and faster installation and are suitable for narrow confined spaces.

What is a duplex connector?

A duplex fiber is a connector that consists of two strands of fiber so that data can be transmitted in both directions. Duplex connectors can be further subdivided into 2 types: half duplex connector and full duplex connector.

Half-duplex connector:

Data can only be sent in one direction at a time.

Half duplex data transmission allows data to be transmitted in both directions, but at a certain moment, only allows data to be transmitted in one direction, it is actually a simplex communication that switches directions.


For example, in the use of walkie-talkies, when A speaks, A is in the state of sending information, and B is in the state of receiving. Only when A finishes speaking and switches the state, can B speak and be heard by A. If both parties are in the receiving state at the same time, or are in the sending state at the same time, they cannot communicate normally.

Full duplex connectors:

Full duplex data communication allows data to be transmitted in both directions at the same time. Therefore, full duplex communication is a combination of two simplex communication methods, which requires that both the sending device and the receiving device have independent receiving and sending capabilities.

Full duplex

Full duplex transmission mode can be used for point-to-point Ethernet connections and Fast Ethernet connections without collisions because they use two different wires in a twisted pair.

An example of full duplex communication: on a phone call, both parties can speak at the same time and hear each other’s voice at the same time.

Common types of duplex connector

sc duplex connector

The SC duplex connector is a relatively common optical fiber connector, which is most used on router switches and optical interfaces on the transmission device side. The SC connector is directly plugged and unplugged, which is very convenient to use, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to fall out.

lc duplex connector

The appearance size of lc duplex connector is only half of that of sc duplex connector, which is a kind of small connector type. lc duplex connector is widely used in general wiring system engineering.

Simplex Fiber Connector Vs Duplex Connector

Simplex fiber connectors are less expensive to manufacture than duplex fiber optic connectors because there is only one fiber, while duplex fiber optic connectors have two. In the connection of a single fiber optic cable, the simplex fiber optic connector is more practical and economical.

The connection of simplex fiber optic connectors is more flexible. On a branched line, you can connect or replace each one individually.
The selection of optical fiber connectors is generally determined by the optical fiber. Simplex optical fiber connectors are suitable for simplex optical fibers. When necessary, the use of duplex clips can make two simplex connectors into one duplex connector.

Duplex connectors are more convenient in the cabling of fiber optic communications, it prevents you from confusing which cable is connected to the transmit or receive port of a dual fiber optic transceiver.

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