VA Wall Mount Rack Cabinet

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· Welded frame, reliable structure;

· Standing or wall mounting installation;

· Easy mounting installation ( patent) ;

· 19” standard installation;

· Removable side panels, side locks optional;

· Cable entry on both of top cover and bottom panel;

· 120mm fan available;


Technical Data

· SPCC Cold Rolled Steel; · others:1.0mm.
    · Thickness: Mounting profile: 2.0mm;
· ZCVA.■■■■0■■: RAL7035.
· ZCVA.■■■■1■■: RAL7021.
 Loading Capacity:
· Static loading:30KG.
  · Pretreated steel coated with textured, polyester powder paint

COMPLIANCE (Reference Standard)

· Comply with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D

· IEC60297-2

· DIN41494;PART1; DIN41494;PART7.

Quality advantages of cabinet products

· Our cabinet products are made of high-quality SPCC thick cold-rolled steel plates, processed by advanced condensation technology, and have excellent compression and seismic resistance;

· The surface is galvanized with square hole-resistant strip fingerprint aluminum, and the The factory’s automatic production of molds and laser cutting make the products stable, exquisite and delicate;

· With a complete art production chain, each part of the product is degreasing, pickling, phosphating, and electrostatic spraying, which greatly improves the product’s quality. Anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion ability;

· The finished product has undergone strict quality inspection, screening and control, and fully meets the above-mentioned standards to ensure that Zion’s products must be exquisite.


VA Wall Mount Rack Cabinet-1

· Disassembled and small packaging, easy to deliver and carry.

· Special design front and back frames are with good stability.

· 16 screws are needed to assemble the whole enclosure. It will take only 10 minutes to assemble the enclosure by one person.

· Front door is with corrective structure to avoid door dropping.

· Opening direction could be changed easily.

· Cable entries are available on top, bottom and back of enclosure, suitable for different places.

· The patented cable entries are adjustable and with the design to prevent wires from scratching.

· Opening direction of enclosures can be changed quickly. Automatic locking ensures safety and relability.

· Maximum Loading capacity: 30kgs.


May Installs The Fitting



Definition Of Cord


Main Part

S/N Specification Qty Material Surface Finish Remark
1 Back frame 1 SPCC t1.0 Powder coated ·····
2 Top cover 1 SPCC t1.0 Powder coated ·····
3 Bottom 1 SPCC t1.0 Powder coated ·····
4 Front door 1 4MM toughed glass
door/SPCC t1.0
Powder coated Small lock
5 19″rails frame 2 SPCC t2.0 Powder coated ·····
6 Side panel 2 SPCC t1.0 Powder coated ·····

Order Information:

Company Number Part Number. RU  Width
7243351 ZCVA.5406.VADS 6 540 450 327 570*280*440 550*460*350
7243352 ZCVA.5606.VADS 600 570*310*545 550*610*350
7243353 ZCVA.5409.VADS 9 540 450 460 600*265*490 550*460*480
7243354 ZCVA.5609.VADS 600 600*310*530 550*610*480
7243355 ZCVA.5412.VADS 12 540 450 593 600*265*625 550*460*610
7243356 ZCVA.5612.VADS 600 600*290*625 550*610*610
7243357 ZCVA.5415.VADS 15 540 450 725 600*265*760 550*460*750
7243358 ZCVA.5615.VADS 600 600*290*760 550*610*750

Main Structure




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