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Fiber systems & copper cabling systems products | Good quality and good service based on reasonable prices.

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Fiber Optical Terminal Box-ZCFTB-08G-1(7232014)

  • The body is made of high quality engineering plastic with good strength;
  • With safe special-shaped lock, the box can be opened easily and has good water-proof performance, suitable for indoor and outdoor natural environments ;
  • With the independent rubber sealing plug for drop cable, better waterproof performance;
  • With independent design, the box can be installed and maintained easily, the fusion and termination are completely separated ;

Fiber Optical Terminal Box-ZCFTB-08G-1(7232014)-5

Technical Index

Model No. ZCFTB-08G-1(7232014) Fiber Optical Terminal Box ZCFTB 08G 1 (7232014)
Color White、Grey
Capacity 8 core
Protection Level IP55
Material ABS、ABS+PC
Flame retardant performance Non-flame retardant
PLC splitter Type  /
Dimension(L*W*D,MM) 233*172*49
Inner box size(MM) 240*180*60
Outer box size(MM) 555*495*315
Weight(KG) 0.55
Gross weight(KG) 17
PCS/Carton 30


ZION COMMUNICATION Model No. ZCFTB-08G-1 can connect the drop cable with feeder cable as the termination point in the Fttx network, which is cable to meet at least 8 users requirements. It can help splicing, splitting, storage and management with suitable space.

Pictures for reference

Fiber Optical Terminal Box-ZCFTB-08G-1(7232014)-1 Fiber Optical Terminal Box-ZCFTB-08G-1(7232014)-2 Fiber Optical Terminal Box-ZCFTB-08G-1(7232014)-3

Products Information

· Plastic bag size: 233*172*49mm

· Inner box with single corrugated size: 240*180*60mm

· Carton with double corrugated size: 555*495*315mm(30PCS/Box)

· Weight per carton:17KG

Transportation and storage

· Avoid raining, sun exposuring and squeezing during transportation

· Products should be stored in the warehouse avoiding moisture, sun, fire.
The storage temperature should be from 25℃~+40℃

Note: Special parts that are easily damaged during transportation should be protected carefully.


Fiber Optical Terminal Box-ZCFTB-08G-1(7232014)-4

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