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Fiber systems & copper cabling systems products | Good quality and good service based on reasonable prices.

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Fiber Optic Vertical Splice Closure-ZCSC-D096-03(7231208)

  •  The body is made of high quality engineering plastic with good strength;
  • With good waterproof design, the fiber optical splice closure can be applied into underground and aerial.
  • Be equipped with 4 splice trays (each capacity is 24 cores) (Pic#6 for details);
  • Excellent fiber routing design ensures the radius curvature of the fiber well and enough fiber storage space.

Fiber Optic Vertical Splice Closure-ZCSC-D096-03(7231208)2

Technical Index

Model No. ZCSC-D096-03(7231208) Datasheet of ZCSC D072 01(7231208)
Color Black
Capacity 96 cores
Protection Level IP68
Material PP、PC,PC+ABS
Sealing Method For Inlets Heat-shrink seal
Inlet/outlet 1+4
Inlet cable port Ф11-Ф28
Outlet cable port Ф8-Ф21
Dimension(L*W*D,MM) 430*Ф143
Inner box size(MM) 440*235*190
Outer box size(MM) 585*485*455

The dimension diagram:(mm)

Top View Side View  Front View

     Pic#1:  Top View      Pic#2:  Side View      Pic#3: Front View


ZION COMMUNICATION Model No. ZCSC-D096-03 is one of the main equipment for user access points, applied for protective connection and distribution between two or more cables. The primary function is to connect distribution cable and indoor cable in the open air. It’s widely used in communication systems, cable TV, optical cable network systems and others by virtue of steady structure, good sealing performance and easy construction.

Pictures for reference

Pic#4                 Pic#5               Pic#6


Pic#7 Pic#8 Pic#9

Products Information


  • Plastic size:430*Ф143mm
  • Inner box with single corrugated size: 440*235*190mm
  • Carton with double corrugated size: 585*485*455mm(6PCS/Box)
  • Weight per carton:14KG

Transportation and storage

  • Avoid raining, sun exposuring and squeezing during transportation
  • Products should be stored in the warehouse avoiding moisture, sun, fire.

The storage temperature should be from 25℃~+40℃

Note: Special parts that are easily damaged during transportation should be protected carefully

Installation method

Aerial mounting

Aerial mounting

1–Fiber optical splice closure 2–Hanger 3—Steel wire

Pole mounting

 Pole mounting

1– Fixed plate 2– Mounting plate 3—U-bolt 4—telephone pole


Fiber Optic Vertical Splice Closure-ZCSC-D096-03(7231208)3

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