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Fiber systems & copper cabling systems products | Good quality and good service based on reasonable prices.

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605 Data Racks

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  • Our cabinet products are made of high-quality SPCC thick cold-rolled steel plates, processed by advanced condensation technology, and have excellent compression and seismic resistance;
  • The surface is galvanized with square hole-resistant strip fingerprint aluminum, and the The factory’s automatic production of molds and laser cutting make the products stable, exquisite and delicate;
  • With a complete art production chain, each part of the product is degreasing, pickling, phosphating, and electrostatic spraying, which greatly improves the product’s quality. Anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion ability;
  • The finished product has undergone strict quality inspection, screening and control, and fully meets the above-mentioned standards to ensure that Zion’s products must be exquisite.

Technical Data

 Materials: 605 RACK
· SPCC Cold Rolled Steel; · others:2.0mm.
· Column: 1.5mm;
· ZC605.■■■■ ■■0■■: RAL7035.
· ZC605.■■■■ ■■1■■: RAL9004.
 Loading Capacity:
· Static loading:250KG.

COMPLIANCE (Reference Standard)

  • Comply with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D
  • IEC60297-2
  • DIN41494;PART1; DIN41494;PART7


■ Modular design, easy assembly and disassembly for delivery, low cost.
■ Various optional accessories according to requirements (cable management slot, removable working panel, etc.)

May Installs The Fitting

May Installs The Fitting 605 Data Racks 1

Main Part

S/N Specification Qty Material Surface Finish Remark
1 Column 4 SPCC t1.5 Powder coated ·····
2 Plinth 4 SPCC t1.5 Powder coated ·····
3 Support Cross beam 2 SPCC t2.0 Powder coated ·····
4 2″ heavy duty castor 4 ·····
A M6 screw & nuts 20 Steel Colour zinc 40pcs for over 33U
B Trox tooling 1 Steel Black ·····


Company Number. Part Number. RU  Width
Depth(D)(mm) Height(H)
Volume (CBM)
7245101 ZC605.6629.00. ■00 29 600 600 1422 1420*260*140
7245102 ZC605.6633.00. ■00 33 600 600 1600 1600*260*140
7245103 ZC605.6638.00. ■00 38 600 600 1822 1820*260*140
7245104 ZC605.6642.00. ■00 42 600 600 2000 2000*260*140
7245105 ZC605.6647.00. ■00 47 600 600 2222 2220*260*140
The packing information is for the flat pack and we suggest to use this flat pack to get significant cost saving.


Fiber Optical Terminal Box-ZCFTB-04A-1(7232001)-4

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