Optical fiber systems & Copper cabling infrastructure products | Good quality and good service based on reasonable prices.

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Fiber systems & copper cabling systems products | Good quality and good service based on reasonable prices.

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Passive Optical Components

Good quality and good service based on reasonable prices.

 Premium quality passive optical components 

 Cost-effective passive optical components 

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ZION offers a range of passive optical components that are independently verified for quality and compliance, making them suitable for a wide array of environments, from expansive venues to smaller business settings. Their portfolio encompasses a diverse selection of products, catering to specific networking needs and preferences.

What sets ZION apart is their commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction, as evidenced by the10-year warranty on their products. This extended warranty period not only reflects the confidence ZION has in the longevity and performance of its components but also provides customers with a significant assurance of quality and reduces long-term maintenance costs.

This blend of verified quality, versatile application, extensive product range, and customer-focused warranty policy positions ZION as a trustworthy and dependable provider in the field of passive optical components.

Passive Optical Components


Fiber Optic Splice Closure

24/48/96/144 cores IP55 to IP68 PP/PC/PC+ABS Heat-shrink seal/Mechanical seal INLINE OPTIC SPLICE CLOSURE


Fiber Optic Terminal Box

Fiber Optical Terminal Box 4/8/12/16/24/48/96 cores IP55 to IP68 ABS/ABS+PC/PP+glassfiber Mini/Module PLC Splitter OPTIC TERMINAL BOX


Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Optical Network Frame management system, FTTX project, Data processing centers/Cable television (CATV), Other applications in Fiber optical systems


Fiber Optic Patch Cord

SC LC FC ST/APC UPC 0.9/2.0/3.0mm Single Mode/Multimode PVC/LSZH Fiber Optic patch cord/pigtails.



MPO Female To MPO Female SM 3.0mm LSZH 12 Fibers MPO Patch Cord Custom Meters


Fiber Optic Splitter

1*4/1*8/1*16/1*32 Single Mode/Multimode with SC LC FC ST/APC UPC connectors FBT/PLC OPTIC SPLITTER



Low insertion loss · Wide pass band · High channel isolation 1.02±0.05 mm HDPE · High stability and reliability Modified Polyethylene · Epoxy free on optical path PET Foil


Fiber Optic Connector

SC LC FC ST/APC UPC SX/DX 0.9/2.0/3.0mm Pre-polished Ferrule/FAST Field Assembly OPTIC PATCH CONNECTOR


Fiber Optic Adapter

SC LC FC ST/APC UPC SX/DX/QUAD 0.9/2.0/3.0mm Welding Symmetry Plastic/Hybrid OPTIC ADAPTER/COUPLER


Fiber Optic Attenuator

1310-1550nm 2/3/5/7/10 dB SC LC FC ST/APC UPC Low Insertion Loss High Return Loss OPTIC ATTENUATOR

Fiber Cross Connect Cabinet

Fiber Cross Connect Cabinet

A Floor Standing Fiber Cross Connect Cabinet is a type of fiber optic cabinet designed to be positioned on the floor, typically used in telecommunications and network infrastructure.

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Passive Optical Components

Custom Optical Components are our speciality! We can design almost any Optical Components to meet your specific need.

Custom Optical Components​

What is the fiber optic system?

A fiber optic system is a network designed for transmitting data as pulses of light through strands of fiber made of glass or plastic. These systems are known for their high bandwidth and long-distance communication capabilities, making them essential in modern telecommunications and data networks.


Applications of fiber optic system

Fiber optic technology is used in various applications, including:



  • For high-speed data transmission in telecommunication networks.

Internet and Broadband:

  • Backbone of high-speed internet infrastructure.

Cable Television:

  • Transmission of high-definition television content.

Medical and Industrial Imaging:

  • Flexible fibers are used in endoscopy and imaging in confined spaces.

Military and Aerospace:

  • Due to their resistance to interference and secure nature.

What are passive optical components?

Passive optical systems, on the other hand, rely on components that do not require external power to operate. These components play a crucial role in manipulating light signals as they travel through an optical fiber network.They are simpler and often used in localized networks like FTTH (Fiber To The Home).

Here are some common types of passive optical components:

Fiber optic splice closure

Fiber Optic Splice Closures are protective enclosures used in telecommunications to safeguard fiber optic cable splices. Essential for outdoor networks, they provide a secure, weather-proof housing for joined cables, ensuring continuous optical paths. These closures vary in size,
handling anywhere from a few to hundreds of splices, and are made from durable materials like plastic or metal.

Fiber optic splice closure2
Fiber optic splice closure3

Fiber optic terminal box

A fiber optic terminal box, or fiber terminal box (FTB), is an essential device in fiber optic networks for terminating and managing fiber optic cable connections. It is compact, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and comes in various sizes to accommodate different numbers of fiber connections.

  • The two main types can be categorized as fiber distribution box and fiber socket box, they are both integral components in fiber optic networks, but they serve distinct purposes and are used in different contexts:
Fiber optic terminal
Fiber Socket

Fiber Optic Patch Panel

A fiber optic patch panel is used for patching fiber cable to the termination enclosure, such as fiber wall cabinets, rack mount fiber cabinets, or rack mount fiber shelves. It is a good option for easy network deployment or moves, adds, and changes.

Fiber Patch Panel8

Fiber optic patch cord, pigtails

A fiber optic patch cord, also known as a fiber optic patch cable or fiber jumper, is a length of fiber optic cable capped at both ends with connectors that allow it to be rapidly and conveniently connected to an optical switch, router, or other telecommunication/network equipment. Its primary purpose is to connect one device to another for signal routing.A fiber optic pigtail is similar to a patch cord but has a connector on only one end and a length of exposed fiber at the other end.

Fiber Optic Patch Cord1

MTP® & MPO Cable

MPO (Multi-Fiber Push On) cables are capped with MPO connectors at either end. MPO fiber connector is for ribbon cables with more than 2 fibers, which is designed to provide multi-fiber connectivity in one connector to support high bandwidth and high-density cabling system applications. MTP® cables, short for (Multi-Fiber Pull Off), are equipped with MTP® connectors at either end. MTP® connector is a trademark by US Conec for a version of the MPO connector with improved specifications. So MTP® connectors are fully compliant with all generic MPO connectors and can interconnect directly with other MPO based infrastructures.

Removable Housing for MTP® Cable


Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) is a technology used in fiber optic communications to combine and transmit multiple optical carrier signals on a single fiber optic cable by using different wavelengths (colors) of laser light. This method effectively increases the capacity of a single fiber to carry multiple independent data streams.

WDM fiber

Fiber optic splitter

A fiber-optic splitter, or beam splitter, is a key device in optical networks, built on a quartz substrate integrated waveguide for optical power distribution. This passive device, crucial in optical fiber links, has multiple inputs and outputs.

2 Passive Optical Components

Fiber optic connector

Fiber optic connectors are crucial components in fiber optic networks, designed to align and join fiber cables with precision.

2 1024x412 1

Fiber optic adapter

Fiber optic adapters, or fiber couplers, are devices used to connect two fiber optic cables in a network. They come in various types to match different connectors, like SC, LC, ST, FC, and MTP/MPO. These adapters contain alignment sleeves for precise ferrule alignment, ensuring minimal signal
loss. They are available for both single-mode (long-distance, high-speed) and multimode (short-distance) fibers and come in simplex or duplex configurations.

Optic Adapter7

Fiber optic attenuator

An optical attenuator, also known as a fiber optic attenuator, is designed to reduce the power level of an optical signal, either in free space or in a fiber optic cable.


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How We Can Help

• Factory Visits
• Years of Expertise
• Fully Itemized Quotation
• Consistent Quality
• Fast Prototype

• Professional Team
• Short Lead Time
• Large Order Discount
• Timely After-sales Service