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Elevating Connectivity: The Comprehensive Guide to ZION COMMUNICATION’s Modular Plug/RJ Connectors

High-Quality Modular Plug/RJ Connectors

1,Modular Plug/RJ Connector match bandwidth & Transmission Rate


155MHz bandwidth, standard transmission rate 100Mbps.



250MHz bandwidth, standard transmission rate 1000Mbps.



600MHz bandwidth, standard transmission rate 10Gbps.



600MHz broadband, standard transmission rate 10Gbps (can reach 100m distance)



2000MHz bandwidth, standard transmission rate 40GB/s, but its maximum transmission distance is only 30m, which is generally used in the connection of the server, switch, wiring frame and other devices of short -range data centers.


2, Modular Plug/RJ Connector's refer standards

Refer Standard
ISO/IEC 11801Reference Standards for the Connection of Hardware of the International General Wiring Standard
TIA/EIA 568A、568BStandard Network Line Connection Method
YD/T926-2009Building Communication Comprehensive Wiring System
UL/CSA LISTED CM/CMRTest of Popularity, Vertical Burning Test
IEC(60)603-7International Electronic Technology Commission Standard

3,Construction of modular plug:

3,Construction of Modular Plug:

4, ZION'S IQC (Incoming quality control) of raw material for Modular Plug/RJ Connector

Our quality inspectors will strictly inspect each batch of incoming raw material according to industry high standards and your order requirement.

The raw materials we use to make modular plugs are PC plastic. Select the durability, insulation performance, and easy shape shape of this material.


In addition to plastic shells, modular plugs also need metal contact to establish electrical connections. The contact is made of phosphorus bronze (copper content ≥65%), and phosphorus and bronze are a copper alloy, known for their excellent conductivity and mechanical strength. In order to increase the diversion and the stability of transmission, our company uses a trigeminal structure chip to close the contact with the core of the wires. At the same time, nickel plating copper and bronze are thick and gold -plated to ensure that it maintains high -quality conduction capabilities and Stability of long -term work.


For bending folding films, our shotcolic performance: Artificial 180 degrees bending crystal head handle, 1 back and forth, more than 20 times, continuous cracking.


Other components of modular plugs include strain materials, such as rubber or plastic, which can provide protection and stability for cable connection. These materials help prevent cables from being damaged and maintaining electrical connection.

IQC Incoming quality control

5,The advanced equipment and excellent workers ensure the delivery of good quality products.

factory scaled

6,IPQC(In-process quality control) of modular plugs

6.1, Physical performance test for modular plugs:

Visual Inspection: Operators or quality control personnel visually inspect the modular plugs at various stages of production to ensure they meet the required visual standards. This includes checking for any physical defects, such as cracks, deformities, or color inconsistencies.

Dimensional Measurements: Critical dimensions of the modular plug, such as overall length, width, height, and pin dimensions, are measured using specialized tools and gauges. These measurements are compared against specified tolerances to ensure compliance with the required standards.

Mechanical Strength Testing: Modular plugs may undergo mechanical strength testing to assess their durability and resistance to physical stress. This can involve performing pull tests or plug insertion/withdrawal cycles to verify that the plugs can withstand normal usage without breaking or deforming.

Strain Relief Evaluation: Strain relief components, such as rubber or plastic, are inspected to ensure they are properly installed and provide adequate protection to the cable connections. This can involve checking the secure attachment and flexibility of the strain relief material.

6.2, Electronic performance test for modular plugs:

Contact Resistance Test: This test measures the resistance between the plug contacts and the mating connector. It ensures low resistance values, indicating good electrical conductivity and reliable signal transmission.

Insulation Resistance Test: This test measures the resistance between the plug contacts and the plug body. It checks for adequate insulation properties to prevent short circuits and signal leakage.

Continuity Test: This test verifies the continuity of the wiring connections within the plug. It ensures that the correct pins are connected and that there are no open circuits or wiring errors.

Crosstalk Test: This test assesses the level of unwanted signal coupling between adjacent pairs of pins within the plug. It ensures that the plug design minimizes crosstalk, which can affect signal quality.

Return Loss Test: This test measures the amount of signal reflected back from the plug to the source. It evaluates the impedance matching and signal integrity of the plug, ensuring minimal signal reflections.

Insertion Loss Test: This test measures the signal loss that occurs when the plug is inserted into the mating connector. It evaluates the plug’s ability to maintain signal strength and minimize transmission losses.

7,ZION'S detection equipments for Modular Plug/RJ Connector

7 1,The detection equipment involved

Film thickness tester

Detection of plating layer thickness

7 2,The detection equipment involved

Fluke testers

Ensure the Modular Plug and cable matching performance qualified

7 3,The detection equipment involved

Image projector

Confirm the accuracy of mold part dimensions

7 5,The detection equipment involved

Shrapnel bending test machine

Physical functionality testing to ensure the bending degree of Modular Plug shrapnel

7 5,The detection equipment involved

Quadratic measuring instrument

Ensure the accuracy of Modular Plug size

7 6,The detection equipment involved

Plugging force tester

Test Modular Plug and female chassis plugging endurance

7 7,The detection equipment involved

Resistance Tester

Detection of contact impedance of Modular Plug conduction

7 8,The detection equipment involved

Salt spray testing machine

Ensure the plating of gold sheet and shield shell products are qualified

7 9,The detection equipment involved

Tensile force testing machine

Solidity test of Modular Plug and cable after adaptation

7.1. The thickness of the electroplating layer using the membrane thick tester

7.2. Use the Fluke Tester to test to ensure that the crystal head and wire matching performance qualified

7.3. Use the image projector to confirm the size accuracy of the mold parts:

7.4. Use the shell bend test machine to detect the physical functionality of the crystal head to ensure that the crystal header shot is bent:

7.5. Use a two -dimensional measuring instrument to ensure the accuracy of the size of the crystal head:

7.6. Use the plug -in tester to detect the endurance of the water product head and the mother seat:

7.7. Detect the contact impedance of the crystal header:

7.8. Use the salt fog test machine to ensure the electroplating of gold slices and shielded shell products:

7.9. Test the firmness of the crystal head and wire adaptation using the tensile test machine.

8, Packing modular plugs

Packing of Conventional 100PCS/PE bag, 5000pcs/carton

8-Packing modular plugs
  • Here is the customized content we can do for your orders:

    1.Printing on the carton

    2.Label design 

    3.Flexible quantities

    4.Sample confirmation before order

9, Application of modular plugs

  • Modular plugs are commonly used in various applications for connecting cables and wires. Applications of modular plugs include:
  • Ethernet Networking: Modular plugs, specifically the RJ-45 connectors, are widely used in Ethernet networking for connecting network cables to devices such as computers, routers, switches, and modems. They are commonly used in both home and enterprise networking environments.
  • Telephone Systems: Modular plugs, such as RJ-11 connectors, are used in telephone systems to connect telephone cables to landline phones, fax machines, and other telecommunication devices. They provide a reliable and standardized connection for voice communication.
  • Audio and Video Equipment: Modular plugs, such as RCA connectors, are used in audio and video equipment for connecting cables that carry analog audio and video signals. They are commonly found in home theater systems, audio systems, and professional audio/video equipment.
  • Data Communication and Telecommunications: Modular plugs are used in various data communication and telecommunications applications, including the connection of cables for data transmission, voice over IP (VoIP) systems, and telecommunication equipment.
  • Security Systems: Modular plugs are utilized in security systems for connecting cables used in CCTV cameras, access control systems, and other security devices.
  • Industrial Applications: Modular plugs find applications in industrial settings for connecting cables in automation systems, control panels, and other industrial equipment.
  • Automotive Electronics: Modular plugs are used in automotive electronics for connecting cables in vehicle audio systems, GPS navigation systems, and other automotive electronic devices.
  • Medical Equipment: Modular plugs are employed in medical equipment for connecting cables used in patient monitoring systems, diagnostic equipment, and other medical devices.
  • These are just a few examples of the many applications where modular plugs are used. The versatility and standardized design of modular plugs make them widely adopted in various industries for their ease of use, reliability, and compatibility.

10, Applicable equipment

Compatible with RJ45 devices Laptops, PCs, TVs, routers, OLTs, security cameras, Printers, more devices

Applicable equipment
Application scenarios
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