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Fiber systems & copper cabling systems products | Good quality and good service based on reasonable prices.

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Free Pressure Toolless plug

Good quality and good service based on reasonable prices.

Included UTP/ FTP CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7, CAT8 Free Pressure Toolless plug, Toolless plug is a type of connector that can be easily installed or removed without needing any special tools. These plugs are designed to snap into place or twist into position, making them quick and easy to install.

Toolfree Plug

Tool Free RJ45 Connector

What is the tool free RJ45 connector?

Tool-free RJ45 connector, also called Toolless RJ45 Connector or Toolless RJ45 Plug, which refers to a design of RJ45 connectors (commonly used in Ethernet networking) that allows easy assembly without needing specialized crimping tools. These connectors are designed to simplify the process of connecting cables to the connectors, making them user friendly and suitable for quick, field-based operations. Which can be installed by lady.

Key features and benefits of a tool-free RJ45 connector include:

  • Ease of Use: They can be assembled by hand without the need for crimping tools, which is particularly useful in situations where you might not have the right tools available or when working in tight spaces.
  • Time-Saving: They significantly reduce the time required for cable terminations, as no crimping is involved.
  • Reusability: Many tool-free connectors are designed to be reusable, allowing for adjustments and re-termination if necessary.

High quality of Gold Plating Thickness of RJ45 Plugs

The gold plating thickness of our copper alloy prong Pins can be customized from flash microinches to 50 microinches. Before gold plating, we plate a layer of nickel, which is often applied to the substrate (the base material such as brass or phosphor bronze) as a backing to improve the overall wear resistance and reduce pores in the gold.

gold plating

Built-in PCB circuit board: Thickened PCB for good conductivity

Toolfree Plug PCB

ZION’S Typical types of toolless/tool free RJ45 connector with picture


Toolfree Plug1


Toolfree Plug2

How to Use the toolless RJ45 connector by yourself?

Please review the installation schematics below and the actual flowcharts tool-less RJ45 connector installation.

How to Use the toolless RJ45 connector by yourself scaled
Toolfree Plug installation

Selecting the Correct Toolless RJ45 Connector

Selecting the correct Toolless RJ45 connector for your Ethernet data cable depends entirely on the type and construction of the cable to be run. Technically, Category has nothing to do with it. It is all about fitment.

To ensure the correct selection of an RJ45 connector for your Ethernet cable, consider the following #1, #2, #3:

Checking below importing data of the Ethernet Cable(CAT8,CAT7,CAT6A,CAT6, CAT5E):

  • OD of Out Jacket: Measure the overall diameter of the Ethernet cable, typically expressed in millimeters (mm). 
  • OD of Insulation: Determine the diameter of the insulation,
  • Conductor Type: Solid or stranded conductors?
  • OD of Conductor: Know the copper conductors’ American Wire Gauge (AWG). (23AWG-26AWG)
  • Shielded or Unshielded: Check whether the cable is with Al/PET foil braiding or not.
  • Pay attention to the red part of the demo.
Modular Plug Registered Jacks
  • Below is the diameter for the RJ45 connector shows fit for the right cable
Toolfree Plug Fitment


  • We can customize your packing design.
Toolfree Plug packing

We do lots of ODM & OEM for over world customers. Please contactus to get the great business now.

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Customize Your Tool Free RJ45 Connector


Confirm The Type

First confirm key information including Plug Type(6P/2C,6P/4C,6P/6C,8P/8C,...) Connector Type(CAT5E,CAT6,CAT6A...),Whether to block(shielded,unshielded)...


Recommed Price and Seveice

After confirming all the details, our sales experts will recommend the right Modules Plug that suit your needs, along with a quote and service.

High-Quality Tool Free RJ45 Connector From ZION COMMUNICATION

ZION COMMUNICATION not only upholds the philosophy of providing customers with high-quality modular plugs but is also able to implement and enforce methods in its production & purchasing.

Quality Control System

In order to provide our customers with modular plugs that are accurate and meet their performance requirements, the following steps are taken during production to control quality.

First, and most importantly, our salesmen will first communicate with our customers to clarify the quality requirements that they need for their order, and then carry out the following quality process control according to this requirement.

1, IQC (Incoming quality control) of raw material

Our quality inspectors will strictly inspect each batch of incoming raw material according to industry high standards and your order requirement.

1 Raw materials for Modular Plug scaled

2, IPQC(In-process quality control) of modular plugs

We have standard production and inspection operation requirements, Our company’s skilled workers will strictly follow the steps to produce and test to ensure that we deliver good quality modular plugs to our customers.

2 Production process of Modular Plug scaled

3, Finished Inspection.When your order is completed, we will check the modular plugs specification, electrical properties, physical properties, product appearance and packaging (including printing, color, labeling, etc.), quantity and other important information in conjunction with PI, production technical sheet, packaging, labeling and other confirmed documents. We ensure that our deliveries are accurate in this way.

Qualified By International Certifications

When selecting qualified third-party accessory manufacturers, their ability to provide compliance with common industry certifications, such as CE (Building Power), FCC (Federal Communications Commission)REACH,and ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) standards, is an important consideration .

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