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Fiber systems & copper cabling systems products | Good quality and good service based on reasonable prices.

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Fiber Cross Connect Cabinet

Good quality and good service based on reasonable prices.

Fiber Cross Connect Cabinet
SKUModel No.NameImage
7251001ZCOCC-F96-2F96F 830*450*280mm Floor standing CROSS CONNECT CABINET7251001
7251002ZCOCC-F96-2W96F 655*450*280mm Wall-mounted CROSS CONNECT CABINET7251002
7251003ZCOCC-F144-1F144F 1030*550*308mm Floor standing CROSS CONNECT CABINET7251003
7251004ZCOCC-F144-2F144F 1030*550*308mm Floor standing CROSS CONNECT CABINET7251004
7251005ZCOCC-F144-3F144F 1030*550*308mm Floor standing CROSS CONNECT CABINET7251005
7251006ZCOCC-F144-2W144F 770*550*308mm Floor standing CROSS CONNECT CABINET7251006
7251007ZCOCC-F288-1F288F 1450*755*350mm Floor standing CROSS CONNECT CABINET7251007
7251008ZCOCC-F288-2F288F 1450*755*350mm Floor standing CROSS CONNECT CABINET7251008
7251009ZCOCC-F288-3F288F 1450*755*350mm Floor standing CROSS CONNECT CABINET7251009
7251010ZCOCC-F576-1F576F 1450*755*543mm Floor standing CROSS CONNECT CABINET7251010
7251011ZCOCC-F576-2F576F 1450*755*543mm Floor standing CROSS CONNECT CABINET7251011
7251012ZCOCC-F576-3F576F 1450*755*543mm Floor standing CROSS CONNECT CABINET7251012

What is Floor standing fiber cross connect cabinet?

A Floor Standing Fiber Cross Connect Cabinet is a type of fiber optic cabinet designed to be positioned on the floor, typically used in telecommunications and network infrastructure. It has several distinct characteristics and functions:

Large Capacity and Scalability

Being floor-standing, these cabinets are generally larger than wall-mounted ones and can accommodate a greater number of fiber optic cables and connections. They are designed for environments that require extensive cabling and connectivity, providing ample space for current needs and future expansion. Up to 576 Fibers.

Sturdy Construction

These cabinets are built to be robust and durable, often made of materials that can withstand the weight of numerous cables and equipment. Their construction is intended to provide long-term reliability and protection for the delicate fiber optic cables housed within.

Organized Cable Management

The cabinet facilitates orderly cable management, providing structured routing paths, cable guides, and connection points. This organization is crucial in preventing cable tangling, minimizing signal interference, and easing maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

Enhanced Security Features

Floor standing cabinets often come with enhanced security features such as lockable doors or panels to prevent unauthorized access. This is vital in safeguarding sensitive network equipment and maintaining network integrity.

Easy Accessibility for Maintenance

These cabinets are designed with accessibility in mind, allowing network technicians easy access to the interior for installing, managing, and maintaining the fiber optic cables and connections.

Integration with Network Systems

Similar to other types of fiber cross connect cabinets, the floor standing variety is designed to integrate seamlessly with the broader network infrastructure, including connections to switches, routers, and other networking devices.

Versatility in Placement

While they require more floor space compared to wall-mounted cabinets, floor standing cabinets offer versatility in placement within a data center or network facility. They can be strategically positioned to optimize space utilization and network design.

In summary, Floor Standing Fiber Cross Connect Cabinets are essential for large-scale network environments that require extensive cable management, offering high capacity, robust protection, organized cable management, security, ease of maintenance, and seamless integration with the network infrastructure.

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First confirm key information including Connector Type(LC,SC,FC,ST...),Attenuation value(2/3/5/7/10 dB),Operating Wavelength(1310nm,1550nm)...


Recommed Price and Seveice

After confirming all the details, our sales experts will recommend the Fiber Optic Attenuator that suit your needs, along with a quote and service.

High-Quality Fiber Optic Attenuator From ZION COMMUNICATION

Zion Communication not only upholds the philosophy of providing customers with high-quality fiber optic attenuator,but is also able to implement and execute their production.

Advantages of ZION COMMUNICATION’S fiber optic attenuator

  • Equipped with exquisite dust cover to ensure the safety of portable installation and use
  • Precision polymer, completely protect the ferrule from external damage
  • According to the size, specially designed 10 independent compartment trays to maximize the buffering of transportation collisions and ensure the delivery without damage
High Quality fiber optic attenuator from ZION COMMUNICATION

Quality Control System

In order to provide our customers with fiber optic attenuator that are accurate and meet their performance requirements, the following steps are taken during production to control quality.

First, and most importantly, our salesmen will first communicate with our customers to clarify the quality requirements that they need for their order, and then carry out the following quality process control according to this requirement.


1, IQC (Incoming quality control) of raw material

Our quality inspectors will strictly inspect each batch of incoming raw material including Plastic, fiber optic, inserts according to international high standards and your order requirement.

2, IPQC(In-process quality control) of fiber optic attenuator

We have standard production and inspection operation requirements,Our company’s skilled workers will strictly follow the steps to produce and test to ensure that we deliver good quality fiber optic attenuator to our customers.

  1. Material Preparation
  2. Part threading
  3. Fiber bonding
  4. Core grinding
  5. Finished product assembly
  6. Put on the dust cap
  7. Finished product testing
  8. Finished product packaging

3, Testing After Assembly

  • Appearance test. All parts must be smooth, clean, free of dirt and burrs, no scars and cracks, bright colors, and good consistency. The parts are assembled tightly and smoothly, the connectors and adapters can be inserted and pulled out smoothly and gently, the clamps are firm and flexible, and the insertion and pull-out are normal.
  • Assembly performance test. Ring hoop-Projection length is normal, good elasticity, chamfering is obvious, and the surface is free of dirt, defects or other flaws. Good fit between spare parts and adapter, no loosening, good mechanical properties and good mobility.
  • End face test: no scratches, spots, bubbles, black blocks, cracks, dirt, etc. on the ceramic end face.


4.Finished Inspection.

When your order is completed, we will check the fiber optic attenuator specification, electrical properties, physical properties, product appearance and packaging (including printing, color, labeling, etc.), quantity and other important information in conjunction with PI, production technical sheet, packaging, labeling and other confirmed documents. We ensure that our deliveries are accurate in this way.

Qualified By International Certifications

When selecting qualified third-party accessory manufacturers, their ability to provide compliance with common industry certifications, such as ISO9001:2008, CE (Building Power), FCC and ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) standards, is an important consideration.

Qualified By International Certifications 1

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