Optical fiber systems & Copper cabling infrastructure products | Good quality and good service based on reasonable prices.

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Fiber systems & copper cabling systems products | Good quality and good service based on reasonable prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customizing products is one of ZION Communication’s top strengths. We are happy to develop the desired products that fit your needs exactly. Just contact our sales team and give as much detail as possible about your specific requirements and we will find a solution that works for you.

We always strive to deliver all products to the client in new condition. Most of our products are packed in double carton boxes. For larger items such as cabinets, we can deliver using a combination of cartons and pallets. Depending on the model, up to a certain number, your label and the printing of the carton are customizable.

Delivery time varies depending on the order. Most of our orders (90%) will be shipped within four weeks of receiving the deposit, only a few orders may take six weeks or longer. Delivery times for specific orders need to be confirmed by you and our sales staff.

Zion Communication’s product include fiber optic transceiver, DAC,AOC, XPON ONU, GPON ONU,EPON ONU, GPON OLT,EPON OLT, FTTH/FTTX ( Fiber optic splice closure, fiber optic termination box, fiber optic splitter, fiber optic connector/adptor/attenuator),Cabling infrasturcture (Copper patch cord, Fiber optic patch cord/pigtails,Server cabinet, Network cabinet,wall cabinet, patch panel, cabinet fitting).

For new customers, usually do 30% downpayment by T/T and balance T/T before shipping or L/C at sight.Zion Communication may be able to agree to more flexible terms with regular customers or customers with special large orders or products. If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to payment,please contact us and our sales manager who service you.

  • 1) Send your purchase intention to us.
  • 2) Our sales team will contact you to confirm the product specifications, packaging, printing, quantity and other specific information.
  • 3) Sign the contract or Proforma Invoice.
  • 4) After receiving your deposit, we will start to arrange production.
  • 5) 2 weeks before the completion of production, we will notify you to start contacting shipping.

If you are in the telecom industry and have a proven track record of success in your local market, you can apply to become a distributor in your area. If you are interested in becoming a distributor for our brand “HELLOSIGNAL”, please contact us via email with your company information and a next 3-year business plan.

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