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Do You Know What is EPON ONU / EPON ONT?

We know that EPON consists of EPON ONU (EPON Optical Network Unit), EPON OLT (EPON Optical Line Terminal), and EPON ODN (EPON Optical Distribution Network). EPON Picture Resource: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Ethernet-Passive-Optical-Network-EPON-architecture_fig1_260514153

What is EPON ONU?

EPON ONU is an important part that supports the EPON IEEE 802.3ah standard. It is a device that can effectively transform fiber optical signals into electrical signals at the customer’s premises for FTTH. It is specifically designed to help achieve the function of layer two and layer three switches. EPON ONU can provide transparent telecommunications with easy protocols and supports other traditional TDM protocols without increasing the complexity of design and operation. In EPON, ONU works together with OLT in the registration stage. They connect through the control mechanism MPCP to ensure that data is sent and received efficiently.

How Does ONU Work in EPON System?

  1. ONU achieves time synchronization with OLT in a downlink frame.
  2. ONU exists to find the frame and process ranging, physical ID, and bandwidth.
  3. ONU needs authorization and it can only send data at the specified time

What Are 1 Port/4 Port in EPON ONU?

EPON ONU has different port types in one device. One port or four ports in EPON ONU usually means the number of ethernet ports. Every single Ethernet port is designed to connect with ethernet, and the connection can be created between computers, home wifi routers, modems, network storage, and so on. Generally, four ports EPON ONU is one of the most common and widespread in FTTH.

Application of 4 Ports EPON ONU

  • IP surveillance cameras
  • Local area networks
  • Small, medium, and large ISPs
  • Regional level operators that want to get fast access to FTTH
  • Departments or hotels that want to gain triple play across fiber-optic LANs

6 Steps of EPON ONU Registration

ONU registration plays an important role in the complementing of an EPON system. The MAC address, LOID, or LOID password can all be used to register an ONU with OLT and the registration has the following 6 steps:
  1. An OLT sends a discovery GATE message to ONUs, informing them of the start time and duration of the discovery timeslot.
  2. After an ONU receives a GATE message from an OLT, it will send a REGISTER REQ message to the OLT when it hits the start time.
  3. The OLT receives the REGISTER REQ message including the ONU’s MAC address and round trip time.
  4. The OLT parses the REGISTER REQ message and unicasts the message to the ONU using the message’s MAC address.
  5. After sending the REGISTER message, the OLT sends a generic GATE message to the ONU.
  6. The ONU receives the REGISTER message and general GATE message. Finally, it will send a REGISTER_ACK message to inform OLT that the message is properly parsed and the registration is finished.


EPON ONU can be divided into different bandwidths and EPON ONU 1GE is very common in family use and industry use. Hello-Signal (ZION) is a reliable EPON ONU manufacturer that offers four types of related products, each of which can meet the needs of different services in FTTH networks. Take ONU EPON BCMFHCHE-1GE+3FE+1USB+1VOIP+2.4GWIFI as an example, the product has the following features and technical parameters.


  • Supporting IEEE 802.3ah standard
  • Compatible with Huawei, ZTE, and Fiberhome OLT
  • Supporting layer 2 switch and layer 3 Home Gateway
  • Can be used for Multiple WAN, Router/Bridge mode
  • Supporting PPPoE/ Static IP/ DHCP
  • Providing 2.4GHz Wireless interface at a maximum rate of 300Mbps
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