Optical fiber systems & Copper cabling infrastructure products | Good quality and good service based on reasonable prices.

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Fiber systems & copper cabling systems products | Good quality and good service based on reasonable prices.

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Reliable Networking: Exploring ZION COMMUNICATION’s Copper Patch Cord Excellence

High-Quality Copper Patch Cord From ZION COMMUNICATION

ZION COMMUNICATION not only upholds the philosophy of providing customers with high-quality CAT 5E/ CAT 6/ CAT7 Copper Patch Cord, but is also able to implement and execute their production. We perform various tests from the raw material to the final product. Test reports are available upon request. We have the ability to manufacture products with excellent characteristics to meet your market requirements.

Copper Patch Cord Quality Control System

In order to provide our customers with CAT 5E/ CAT 6/ CAT7 Copper Patch Cord that are accurate and meet their performance requirements, the following steps are taken during production to control quality.

First, and most importantly, our salesmen will first communicate with our customers to clarify the quality requirements that they need for their order, and then carry out the following quality process control according to this requirement.

High Quality copper patch cord from ZION COMMUNICATION

1, IQC (Incoming quality control) of RJ45 connector: In order to provide our customers with stable and high quality patch cords, we cooperate with the top ten professional crystal connector manufacturers in China, and we require to give our crystal heads the best from the body PC material and contact phosphor bronze with gold plating etc.We measure the insertion and withdrawal cycles of a connector  to verify that our 50 micro inch gold plated connectors exceed the international standard (750 cycles) and can be re-inserted at a minimum of 1,200 times. 

2,IPQC(In-process quality control) of RJ45 Ethernet Cable:At the same time, we purchase good quality of raw material (copper, HDPE,Al/PET Foil,…) according to the order, then we produce Ethernet cable to meet our customers’ needs including: cable type,conductor material & size, jacket OD and material.

3, IPQC(In-Process quality control) of assembly:Our company’s skilled workers will assemble and test according to EIA/ITA 586A standard and EIA/ITA 586B standard to ensure that we deliver good quality copper patch cords to our customers.Specifically covering everything from cosmetic inspection to functional testing, the procedure includes plug housing aperture inspection, dimensional inspection, visual inspection, fixed pin height inspection, fixed pin bend test, and connector pin height measurement. During the visual inspection, we ensured that each plug housing was free of black spots, flow lines, dent marks, vacuum voids, scratches, flash, distortion and discoloration. During each bend test, a fixed plug is bent at least 20 times to ensure its durability.

4,Testing After Assembly. Beyond mated performance and mechanical testing, an additional measure to ensure patch cord performance is to test each patch cord to the TIA/EIA-568-B.2 component requirement. ZION COMMUNICATION implements a strict ISO 9001 quality procedure that 100% tests every patch cord to the electrical transmission requirements per TIA/EIA-568-B.2. Every patch cord assembly produced is tested for Wire Map, NEXT, and Return Loss using a Fluke Digital Cable Analyzer. Each patch cord is then shipped with a quality control label, which is referenced to actual test data verifying high performance.

Testing After Assembly 1

5, Finished Inspection.When your order is completed, we will check the copper patch cords specification, electrical properties, physical properties, product appearance and packaging (including printing, color, labeling, etc.), quantity and other important information in conjunction with PI, production technical sheet, packaging, labeling and other confirmed documents. We ensure that our deliveries are accurate in this way.

Qualified By International Certifications

When selecting qualified third-party accessory manufacturers, their ability to provide compliance with common industry certifications, such as ISO 9001, CE (Building Power), FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) standards, is an important consideration .

Michael Hsu

Michael Hsu

Hello, I'm Michael Hsu, a sales representative at Hello Signal. I specialize in Active Optical Components and Copper Cabling Infrastructure. I can recommend the most suitable products at competitive prices, ensuring worry-free service. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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