CATV function introduction

CATV interface

The full name of CATV is Community Antenna Television, literally translated as community public television antenna system. In China, it generally refers to the broadcasting and television cable system, or the broadcasting and television cable television network. The CATV interface is RF OUT connected to the radio frequency port (export). CATV signal transmission process:

  1. First, the CATV server converts the radio and television program signals into optical signals and transmits them to the ONU through 1550nm wavelength light.
  2. After the ONU’s PON port receives the 1550nm optical signal, it converts the 1550nm wavelength light sent by the CATV server into the analog electrical signal of the TV on the CATV chip module.
  3. The ONU’s CATV interface (RF OUT) is sent to the set-top box, and the set-top box decodes the electrical video signal, transmits it to the display through the HDMI cable, and outputs the picture and sound.

CATV function introduction





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