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Producing Reference Standards of Twisted Pair Cables

UL444 / UL1581 / UL1666 / IEC60332-1 / IEC60332-3-24 / EN50399


Network Cable Production Flow Chart

Conductor Drawing→ Insulation →Twisting  → Cable Twisting → Jacket Line


Test Standards

ISO/IEC11801, ANSI/TIA-568-C.2


Fluke: DSX2-8000,DSX2-5000,DTX-1800

Link LINKED testing & Channel CHANEL testing. The testing of links has more practical significance than the testing of channels.


Network Analyzers

Can directly and accurately test 100M, 305M and other different lengths, test requirements  higher than FLUKE test.


Common Inner Packaging

100m Plastic Spool, 305m Pull Box/Plastic Pull box, 100M,300M,500M Wooden Spool

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