What is FBT Splitter 1

What is FBT Splitter

FBT Splitter production process is relatively simple, has better performance, and is widely used in CATV systems.
The raw materials used in FBT Splitter are less costly and the product cost is low. The split ratio of FBT Splitter is optional. FBT Splitter can be monitored in real time as needed and can make unequal splitters.

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What is PLC Splitter 1

What is PLC Splitter

Suitable for a variety of working wavelengths (1260nm – 1650nm).
The allocator ratio is equal for all branches.
The configuration is compact, the volume is smaller, and the space is small.
All ratios have good stability. High quality, low failure rate.

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Fiber Optic Splitter

What Is Fiber Optic Splitter

Fiber optic splitter is also called fiber optical coupler, beam splitter, passive optical splitter. Used to split optical fibers and their signals. It is a connection device of multiple input ends and output ends, which can realize the coupling, branching and distribution of optical signals in the optical network system…

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Fiber Optic Splice Closure Types

Fiber Optic Splice Closure Types

Due to the limited length of the fiber optic cable and the need for branching of the fiber optic cable on the transmission line, the fiber optic splice closure is produced. At present, there are many different styles and sizes of fiber optic splice closures on the market, and their suitable applications are also different.

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